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Renate Surh

Ursids Ring

Ursids Ring

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Like shooting stars in a wintry twilight sky glowing with shimmering iridescence.

A beautifully clear Moonstone with a soft, silvery-blue flash that moves with a subtle cat's eye chatoyancy. Sheer, adularescent, soft twilight to midnight blue hues, and hints of golden tones that, in bright light, light up with a metallic blue shimmer and transform to a moody blue-black indoors. Tiny streaks of silvery white inclusions move across this gem evocative of meteor showers. Appearing along these diagonal lines are larger, disc-like inclusions intersecting each line that appear when you view the stone from the side.

This one-of-a-kind Moonstone contains bead-like inclusions, a series of needle growth channels and interior stress fractures in orbicular forms, known as "centipede" or "caterpillar" inclusions occurring in high quality moonstones from Southeast Asia.

Wrapped in 14k gold, this ultra-rare moonstone glows with a serene beauty. Moonstone is said to enhance intuition and inner strength. AAA quality for its spectacular blue and golden sheen, clarity, and unique inclusions, this is a stone that belongs in every collection.

Ursids Ring fits size 6.25 - 6.5, set in gold, and sits on a band of oxidized sterling silver.
The Blue Inclusion Moonstone weighs 7.89 carats, measures H .565" x W .4375" x D .375", and is all natural and untreated from Sri Lanka.

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