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Renate Surh

Blade and Petal Ring

Blade and Petal Ring

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Like the petals and colors of May flowers.

Beautifully saturated pink Tourmaline wands set into a background of icy white, semi-opaque quartz.  Bubblegum and carnation shades of pale pink light up with shades of floral blooms and longer days filled with light. 

Wrapped in 14k gold, this beautifully vibrant gem glows. Tourmaline is said to assist in bringing peace and allow for deep meditation. AAA quality for its spectacular hue and clarity, this is a stone that belongs in every collection.

Blade and Petal Ring fits size 6 - 6.25, set in gold, and sits on a band of lightly oxidized sterling silver. 
The Pink Tourmaline in Quartz measures H .625" x W .5" x D .25" (18 x 11mm) and is all natural and untreated from Brazil. 


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