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Renate Surh

Nostalgia Necklace

Nostalgia Necklace

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Like the first hints of the season transitioning to Autumn.

An absolutely exquisite dendritic agate that blossoms with autumnal hues of opaque white light, golden yellows, espresso brown, inky black, and deeply saturated orange. This beautifully detailed agate displays delicate fronds that are alternately dense and scant in a background of rich, opaque color that change personality in different light. At some angles, the gem has a gouache and painterly appearance with beautifully transitioning color and when the light grabs this stone, it glows like the leaves of fall backlit by the sun.

A completely poetic and contemplative dendritic agate that evokes the nostalgic yearning of Autumn.

Nostalgia Necklace is set in an open-back bezel in lightly oxidized silver and measures 24" long with a handmade hook and eye closure adjustable up to 2.25".
The Dendritic Agate gemstone measures H 1.625" x W 1." x D .25" and is all natural and untreated from India.

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