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Renate Surh

May Emerald Earrings

May Emerald Earrings

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Rich green, saturated color offset with bright white decorates these sizable teardrops.

These contrasting snow-white Quartz with forest green Emerald gemstones are beautifully cut to display the natural habit of this dual gemstone. Small flecks of black carbon appear throughout the natural Emerald which has a soft, geometric shape beautifully displayed within the host Quartz. The Quartz itself has zones of translucence and semi-opacity with a smattering of rainbow sparkle brought out with the right light conditions. Two minerals mottled together in perfect harmony. The open-back bezels allow the light to pass through and display the reverse side of the stone with a similar matched, yet slightly asymmetrical patterning in the stone.

May Earrings measure 2.125 in total length with oxidized, handmade sterling ear wires.
The Emerald in Quartz gemstones weigh 49.75 carats, measure approximately H 1.375" x W .9375" x D .25" and are all natural and untreated from Brazil.

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