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Renate Surh

Hunter Ring

Hunter Ring

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Like the color of a lush, dense forest.

A beautifully saturated dark green Tourmaline that lights up with shades of meadow, pine, moss, and dark green - you can practically smell the tree sap. Beautifully faceted to reflect and sparkle, this stone lights up with tiny platelets of hematite that add a silvery sparkle when moved in the light.

Wrapped in 14k gold, this beautifully vibrant gem darkly glows. Tourmaline is said to assist in bringing peace and allow for deep meditation. AAA quality for its spectacular hue and clarity, this is a stone that belongs in every collection.

Hunter Ring fits size 6.5 - 6.75, set in gold, and sits on a band of lightly oxidized sterling silver.
The Green Tourmaline measures H .625" x W .5" x D .25" (18 x 11mm) and is all natural and untreated from Brazil.

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