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Renate Surh

Candle Magic Pendant

Candle Magic Pendant

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A sparkling, dual-gem pendant evoking a burning candle.

Full of twinkling, glow-from-within light in a black-on-black background, this black Sunstone is alive with glittering light. Even in the lowest levels of light, this flame-shaped gem sparkles darkly, but in bright light, it absolutely comes alive with a surface of highly reflective shimmer in a soft black background with some slightly cloudy zones of a golden burnt umber. 

Sitting below this dark flame, an outstanding candle-like Cobaltocalcite (aka Cobaltian Calcite) displaying sparkling hues of a saturated, prototypical bright pink of all-natural pattern, texture, and color.  This vivid stone is covered in a surface of crystalline texture, also known as drusy, that varies from very small to larger geometric crystals that sparkle with flash with the slightest movement.  

Set in darkly oxidized silver with an articulating silver wick, allowing the flame to dance like fire.  A rarity and prized for its beauty and metaphysical healing properties, this talismanic pendant will eternally provide light and magic.
Candle Magic Pendant measures 2.75" in total height and hangs from a 20.25" sterling chain with a lobster closure.
The Black Sunstone measures H 1" x W .625" x D .25" and the Cobalto Calcite measures H 1.5" x W .5" x D .25" and both gems are all natural and untreated from India and Canada, respectively.


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